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964 East 10 Mile Rd
Hazel Park, MI 48030
Order: 586-978-1840

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Complete Saltwater & Freshwater Plastic Framed Aquarium List

Click here for our Complete Plastic Framed Aquarium Price list
including pricing on ultra-clear glass, built in overflows and much more

Custom (special) Sizes are not available

60 Cube

25" x 25" x 22" Click Picture for large View

22 Gallon

24" x 12" x 18" Click Picture for Large View

110 Wide

Shown with
Optional Built In Overflow

Click here for our Complete Plastic Framed Aquarium Price list
including pricing on ultra-clear glass, built in overflows and much more

Custom (special) Sizes are not available

Glass Aquarium Information

Great Lakes Aquariums are professionally assembled with over 35 year's experience. We use American Made Glass, RTV silicone and Plastic Frames for the highest quality aquariums. Rectangular Glass aquariums offer many advantage over odd shaped and acrylic aquariums and are listed below. We offer one of the largest selections of Salt Water Aquarium wide style sizes with many custom features such as Ultra Clear (Low Iron) Glass, Hole Drilling, Black Backgrounds, 2 & 3 Hole Built In Overflow in 2 Flow Capacity's and Black Silicone. We also offer a wide variety of options and a large selection of Combo's, Packages and Kits to fit everyone's needs. Our Warranty is 1 year leakage or 3 Years Glass Breakage and Leakage with Stand Purchase. Our Aquariums when properly setup should last 20 Years + . Click here for our Complete Plastic Framed Aquarium Price list for ordering in a downloadable PDF file.

Custom & Special Aquarium Sizes

We do not offer custom sizes not listed on our complete plastic framed aquarium price list listed below. We do offer custom heights up to the maximum height we offer on our Complete Glass Aquarium List. The price is the same as the closest taller aquarium plus 10%. We do offer a very large selection of aquarium sizes, heights and custom options. Here is a link to all of our custom options Click here for our Complete Plastic Framed Aquarium Price list

GLA Aquarium Advantages & Features
  • Fits all Styles and Types of Filter Systems
  • Scratch Resistant - easy maintenance with pads and scrapers
  • Maximum Top Access - for cleaning, decorating and working inside aquarium
  • Low Prices with the largest variety of Salt Water Aquarium wide style Sizes
  • Double Seams using Strong RTV Silicone Sealant
  • 50 Gallon + Aquariums Include Solid Unbreakable Tempered Glass Bottom Construction for Super Bonding and Strength
  • One-Piece Styled Plastic Framing with cross bracing offer complete top access and small low priced glass covers

Exclusive Custom Options & Accessories
  • Optional Ultra Clear (Low Iron) Glass Front and Side Panels
  • Optional Built In Overflow Boxes in 2 & 3 Holes and 2 water flow capacities
  • Optional Hole drilling in sizes up to 2 1/2"
  • Optional Black Silicone seams instead of standard clear silicone
  • Optional Cut down heights at an additional cost
  • Exclusive Sliding Glass Covers made specifically for the New LED Lighting
  • Largest Selection of Aquarium Stands in Metal and Real Wood
  • Largest Selection of Matching Real Wood Canopy's

Glass Aquarium Specifications - Information on Exact Size, Weight, Etc.

Ordering, Shipping & Pick-Up Information

Ordering Info – Many of our Glass Aquariums are Special Order with a 3-6 Week Production Timeline & a 50% Deposit required.
Click Here for Our Glass Aquarium Custom Options PDF File with Ultra Clear Glass, Overflows Etc.
or go to Custom Option for our Glass Aquariums located above each Glass Aquarium (Length Description). All Orders are placed by Phone (586/978-1840 Monday thru Friday 11Am-7Pm or Email (Quotes & Orders Button located on top menu bar). Payment can be made by credit card via phone, email credit card authorization form or you can mail check.
Shipping Info –
Glass Products (Glass Aquariums, Sump Filters, Turtle Aquariums, Reptile Aquariums, Wood Stands & Canopy's are truck shipped only and the minimum charges are $300.00 or more. Shipping Costs include professional packing and crating, Insurance. Individual products are shipped through our Shipping and crating Company Craters & Freighters. Shipping cost can be obtained by contacting them at their toll free # 866-924-5522. You will need size, weight and value of our product. In most cases this can be found on the individual price pages. For Shipping cost for packages or multiple products, contact us directly.
Pick-Up Info –
All of our products can be picked up at our manufacturing plant located in Hazel Park, MI 48030. We also offer a Showroom and store at this location that sells a complete line of low price, high quality accessories. Calling ahead before picking up is mandatory. We will help load our products and can supply packing materials as well as recommend the size and type of vehicle you will need.

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