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964 East 10 Mile Rd
Hazel Park, MI 48030
Order: 586-978-1840

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Glass Aquarium Manufactures
Complete System Specialists

Call for an Appointment (586-978-1840) or Email us your aquarium needs for a quote at steve@greatlakesaquariums.com

Our Featured Products and Services Include

Great Lakes Glass Aquariums
Most of Our Aquariums Feature Unbreakable Tempered Bottoms, Additional Bottom Seam Glass Bracing for Longevity, One-Piece Style Plastic Framing with ABS Reinforced Cross Braces and include All American Materials. We offer the Largest Selection of Rectangular Sizes and Custom Options including Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass, Flat Polished Edges, Built In Overflow Systems, Water Proof Backgrounds & Sliding Glass Covers -
Furniture Grade Cabinet Stands and Canopy's
Offered in Pine, Poplar, Oak, Cherry, Maple and Hickory. Custom Staining Available or Choose from Over 10 Standard Stain Colors. Custom Options include 2 Standard Heights of Cabinets and Canopy's, End Doors, Solid Sculptured Doors and Mediterranean Design with Crown Molding
Premium Filtration Options
We offer all Standard Freshwater Filter Designs along with our Superior Hybrid Premium Filtration System. Saltwater Filtration Systems offer Berlin, Refugium Style Systems with Automatic Top Off, Uv Sterlization, Controllers and much more.
LED Lighting Options
Freshwater 2 & 4 Color LED Lights with Remote Control, Optional Timer Controller, Weather Effects & Live Plant Grow. Saltwater 4 & 6 Color LED Lights with Wireless Remote Control, Weather Effect, Saltwater Fish Only, Easy Reef and Complete Reef Light Systems.
Total Package Components, Delivery, Set-Up & Maintenace
We offer Freshwater & Saltwater Premium Gravels(Substrate), Decorations and all addtional components necessary for the finest aquarium systems in the country. We offer Delivery, Total Set-Up as well as maintenance programs or if you are a do it your self we also offer a pick-up discount.
Start Your Dream Aquarium System
964 East 10 Mile Rd
Hazel Park, MI 48030

Call for an Appointment (586-978-1840) or Email us your aquarium needs for a quote at steve@greatlakesaquariums.com
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